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You can watch our full video on the differences between keyword and AI conversational search if this does not answer your question.

The video discusses the differences between AI conversational search and keyword search. Here are the key points:

  • Query format: In keyword-based search, users input specific keywords or phrases into a search engine to retrieve relevant results. In AI conversational search, users can input queries in a more natural conversational language, similar to how they would ask a question in a conversation.
  • Understanding intent: Keyword search relies on exact keyword matching and may not always understand the user's intent or context. AI conversational search leverages advanced NLP techniques to understand the user's intent and context better, and can provide more relevant and context-aware results.
  • Interactivity and personalization: Traditional keyword search typically provides static search results based on the query and the search engine's algorithms. Conversational search systems can offer interactivity and personalization, engaging in a back-and-forth conversation with the user to clarify queries, provide recommendations, and offer tailored responses based on user history and preferences.